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Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance provides financial coverage for the policyholder to protect them from financial losses or additional obligations that arise from vehicle ownership. An insurance policy is provided in exchange for a premium which is usually paid on a monthly basis. In exchange for payment, your insurance provider agrees to pay for certain legal liabilities and expenses as specified by the insurance policy. With adequate auto insurance coverage, you will be protected from loss in the event of an accident.

Automobile Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

This is coverage that helps pay for financial losses or obligations for your RV. A combination of vehicle and living space, motor homes pose an unusual set of risks. Motor Home insurance is designed to cover the RV and its movement from one place to another. Motor home insurance can also cover exposure for the motor home itself and the contents.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance


Motorcycle insurance is similar to Automobile insurance, and your motorcycle rates are based by the way you drive your car, with a clean driving record giving you a lower premium. Having a motorcycle endorsement on your license and by taking a safe motorcycle riding class, will lower your motorcycle insurance rates.



This insurance will help pay for certain financial losses, resulting from the use of your boat or jet skis. These policies give you options, whether your choose basic coverage (Physical Damage & Liability) or a complete package with additional optional coverage (Watercraft ,Watersports and Towing).

Homeowner's Insurance

This coverage offers protection against perils, such as fire, theft, vandalism, and water damage (non-flood). Typically, it covers the structure and attached garage. Unattached structures (garages, tool sheds, swimming pools) may or may not be covered, depending on the policy. Homeowner's insurance is required before a lending institutions will issue mortgages. But this is such a basic form of insurance, it is recommended, even if your home is paid in full.


Umbrella Insurance provides excess liability over underlying coverage and provides liability coverage that may be excluded by a homeowner or automobile policy. An Umbrella policy is often referred to as personal catastrophe policy, and is a supplemental policy designed to protect people from large losses that may not be covered by their basic policies.

Condominium Insurance

Condominium Insurance protects your home in the event of fire, water damage (from leaking pipes), burglary, hail, wind, and other calamities. It also guards against personal injury to another person or property inside your home. Although most condominium corporations carry a master policy to protect the entire building, this is not the same as an individual policy. Each condo owner must take out their own policy to cover their unit and their personal belongings. Condominium Insurance should be purchased by residents that are purchasing the unit. Those that are renting their condominiums should purchase a renters insurance policy. In addition, if you have pets, this should be stated upfront as most insurance companies will deny your claim if the animal causes personal injury.

Condominium Insurance Umbrella

Commercial Insurance

As with Personal Auto, Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers injury, damage to vehicle & property, and liability protection. If your business owns or leases vehicles, you need Commercial Vehicle Insurance. 1 in 4 workplace deaths are due to motor vehicle accidents. So any business that uses 1 or more vehicle, will want this protection. Any individual who uses their own vehicles for business, will probably need to purchase a Commercial Vehicle policy.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s Insurance covers your personal property such as clothing, jewellery, furniture and computers. Typically, it also covers against personal liability or those who are injured in your rental unit. Renter’s Insurance is not a Homeowner Policy and usually costs significantly less. People who operate a business out of their apartments or rental homes may need to purchase additional commercial insurance to protect their business interests.

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